Ultra Running

I ran my first marathon in 2008. I've been hooked ever since. I love running. I love running offroad, on the trail, really long distances. You can find some of my race reports at raceforothers.com/blog. For those of you who like stats, check out my dailymile, movescount, and athlinks.


Ever since my parents took me to Red River, New Mexico on family vacations as a kid, I've been in love with the mountains. I'm lucky enough to have successfully climbed Mt. Rainier twice. These days I make time for one winter Colorado fourteener climb each year with my great friend, Jon. The photo of me above was taken by Jon on top of Quandary Peak.

Smoked Meat

One of my new hobbies (that seems to have stuck) is smoking meats, a.k.a. barbeque. Right now I just use a weber kettle with a nifty little add on called the smokenator. I was fortunate to receive a new addition to my pit for Christmas. I now have a temperature regulator called the Party Q.

I'm not much of a cook, so I've learned a lot about "cooking" since taking up this hobby. By no means am I an expert, but I laugh when I think about the first brisket I cooked. Especially when I think about how none of my knives worked when trimming the meat before cooking. Since then I've gained a lot of confidence trimming any kind of meat using my new 7.5" Rapala. It's a fun hobby that once you have some idea what you're doing, even when it doesn't turn out perfect, it still tastes good.


I write code for fun and for a living. I owe most of my paychecks to writing code within the Microsoft .NET ecosystem. Mostly I'm a C# guy. But I also like ruby a lot. More recently I've been enjoying coffeescript. I've also dabbled in open source and was a co-creator of nspec.